It's been a pretty busy year! I've been pretty good about drawing and pretty good about tumblr and pretty bad about remembering that I have this page and updating it with new work.

CanZine was fantastic, thank you so much to everyone who came by!

There are lots of new things in my Etsy shop!

I ALSO now have a page on Society6 where you can buy prints and tote bags and fancy objects with my drawings on them. Keep an eye on there for new work and free shipping offers that come up periodically. If you follow me on Twitter I will post there when I find about about them.


Blog Tour

First, Thanks to my pal David Emery for including me on the #mywritingprocess blog tour, people tell David about important places they've been and he goes there and writes them a letter. His project I Am A Visitor Here is pretty fantastic and you can read his tour here.

Sadly I am unable to pass this on, I only have a few writer friends and none of them were available to participate - It's been a busy spring for everyone. Thanks for visiting!


Hourly Comics Day 2014

I actually did it! I got through Hourly Comic Day 2014! Click the first page below to read the whole day (on tumblr).


The Department of Lost Things on Etsy

Hey all! My Etsy is now open and you can buy all of my little books and also some pins!

Just click on the "Shop" button above or on the image below.


It's December!!

It is! It really is! If someone tells you that it isn't December - they're probably lying.

So here are a couple of things:

COMICS - I'm now posting my diary comics weekly on TUMBLR (or click the link above that says "COMICS") there will be a new one every Thursday!

OR if you only want to click once and not have to keep going back to that page like a sucker - you can also LIKE me on Facebook (please like me!!) and then you'll get updates on Facebook when I post a new comic on Tumblr because everything is connected and the internet is magic.

SHOP - now with the miracle of capitalism you will soon be able to buy my little books etc on Etsy. The shop is forthcoming - check back on the SHOP button in the next week or so. Also I'll make a post about it.

Here is a picture of Jess and I at CANZINE which was amazing) I would have included it in my CanZine wrap-up post but as you can see - I never made one!

None of us are making entirely derpy faces - which is pretty good!
Photo by the multitalented Ian Sullivan Cant also pictured Elijah, creater of the amazing photo series I AM A MONSTER who was a super cool table-pal.


Canzine, Mini Pages, Thanksgiving, Hurray!

I haven't posted in a few weeks because I have been work work working on my mini comics! 

I am going to be tabling at CanZine (this Sunday, October 20th from 1-7 at the Bathurst Center in Toronto) with my friend Jessica who is awesome and it's going to be so much fun! I've been working on my printed stuff for that so I thought I'd share a few pages of a story about a different friend Jessica.

I'm really excited for the launch of Love Story Comics Volume 1. Which kind of acts as the prologue for a series of little books I would like to make that will be a serialization of sorts.

Happy Thanksgiving and see you at CanZine!!



So I went on holiday and never came back... that isn't actually what happened. What happened was that I started a new job that has been keeping me very busy and tired, and I had to do a ton of catch up on planning the wedding (my wedding...) in August... for which I decided I would try to do as much myself as possible which turned into a lot of things which all took a lot of time.

But I am back! With super awesome news which is that there is now a "shop" button on my top menu up there where you can purchase my new mini comic about photography school...

...or you can just look at this picture of vegetables which I might try to make into a print eventually: